She caresses the lyrics of a song in a way that few can emulate. Whether the interpretation require the silky tones displays on the Cindy Walker song "You Don't Know Me" or the harsher resonance on numbers such as "This Junkyard Heart" and "Blue Angel", her command is awesome. But it is not just the voice it is also the quality of the songwriting, a masterful microphone technique and accomplished guitar playing.
-- Chris Haggett, Country Music Round-Up

If ever there was the perfect singer/songwriter, it is Katy Moffatt. Her voice is perhaps the most searingly beautiful thing you'll ever hear.
-- Nick Dalton, Daily Express (London)

She scored an early success with Walkin' On The Moon. It became the title song of a reflective acoustic album in 1990, but lest anyone thought she had hung up her rockin' shoes, she reverted to her LA country-rock mode for Child Bride in 1992. Her lustrous voice lends itself equally well to both styles, and she has continued to make excellent records, including The Greatest Show On Earth and the more recent Hearts Gone Wild, both co-produced with Russell. She is a must-hear for anyone who values the art of the singer-songwriter.
-- Kenny Mathieson, The Scotsman

Katy Moffatt is all perfection and substance, an endearing figure in the music business whose talent is just as admirable. Sturdy and enduring, Katy Moffatt's beauty belies the great strength of character with which she operates. Both in the studio and on stage, Moffatt is a power to be reckoned with. Subtle and soft, she reaches out to her audience and takes them by the heart. As both an interpreter of the work of other songwriters as well as a marvelous voice for her own compositions, Moffatt sparkles.
-- Jana Pendragon, All-Music Guide

From the earliest days of her career, when she went on the road opening for blues legend Muddy Waters, to her current status as one of the most highly respected originators of country rock, Katy Moffatt has distinguished herself as one of the most literate and eclectic artists to fall under the nebulous heading of singer-songwriter.

Lots of musical artists write moving, poignant lyrics. Lots of others interpret them well vocally. Still others are adept at taking the material in musically adventurous directions that surprise and delight the listener. But very few artists do all of the above as well as Moffatt.

Invariably any discussion of Moffatt's work begins with talk of her tender but powerful voice and ends with glowing praise of her considerable gifts as a lyricist, as she explores the complexities of modern life and relationships with grace and subtlety usually associated with such better known artists as Nanci Griffith and Lucinda Williams. But just as hard to ignore is a genuine passion for music, and music-making, that comes through in every line she sings.
-- The Oklahoma Gazette

[Moffatt is] an obscure country music vocal genius.
-- Blackwell Guide to Recorded Music